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poetry written at midnight or later December 6, 2008

Posted by Girlbird in writing.

Obsessive Cleaning

She cut her finger on a can,
washing dishes –
It was 11:38 PM.

(she ony cleans voluntarily when she’s agitated
or when the world turns upside down)

the blood
it stained the water red.

(the dishes too)

there is a bloodstain on the linoleum.


Seeping into the lines
In her slender finger

(lines of cleavage, she read in her anatomy book)

there’s something satisfying about the way
it oozes out

like a bit of her soul.

(we’re all just masses of tissue and dna anyway)

sticks the finger
in her mouth
tastes so

salty sweet.

Yes, I understand…

We’re all just a mistake
Evolution gone awry.

His lips

…were chapped.

And the other’s were insistently

But yours?
She thinks yours would do quite nicely.


1. Erin McIntosh - December 6, 2008


2. Jessica - February 14, 2009

Just discovered GirlBird, and your lovely poetry. I particularly love ‘Obsessive Cleaning’. Beautifully ethereal without being self-conscious. 🙂 Well done.

Girlbird - February 14, 2009

thank you so much. =)

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